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Of course Narcissa is hardly mentioned throughout the books, but enough is known to get a feel for how she is. Taken from that, one can guess as to how she was in the past, before she got married, but there is nothing concrete. There's a personality section written up on how I view this pre-marriage Narcissa, and if you would like to leave some concrit on her, I'll welcome it.
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Narcissa is not above casting spells on others when it suits her. There are, however a couple things to take into consideration. Of course the first one is the comfortableness of the muns. The second is the willpower of the victim in the case of mind-effecting spells, and other defenses pertaining to the victim.

Below is a chart I've made of spells Narcissa may cast based on what they can do. There'll be a short description, sometimes with only a few examples, to show what each means. This chart is subject to change.

Minor Physical - Spells meant to change the physical appearance for the intents of victim embarrassment.
Minor Mental - Spells meant to manipulate the actions of the victim for embarrassment.
Moderate Physical - Spells that can physically irritate the victim.
Moderate Mental - Spells used for the purposes of gaining an advantage either over the victim or over others.
Severe Physical - Spells only used in battle. Would probably not cast it on those she sees as useful in some way. This includes spells that could deal anywhere from minor stuff like cuts and being flung away from her to debilitating painful curses.
Severe Mental - Spells used to gain a great advantage. This could be used in battle, but not necessarily. Some spells like this can be forcibly reading someone's mind/thoughts/memories, replacing a memory with something else or completely getting rid of it, and the Imperius curse which is pretty much mind control.

So, on to the permissions part of this. I will probably end up directly PMing or asking in some way before Narcissa casts a particular spell on a character. However, if there is a group that you would not like Narcissa to cast on your character or if your character can resist or has defenses in a particular group, please reply here and let me know both which groups these are and what groups you are okay with.
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[Name]: Karanore
[Age]: 28
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